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How to Deal with a Mobile Legends Account Got Banned


How to Deal with a Mobile Legends Account Got Banned

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Oskydancergames – Long been a member of Mobile Legends, suddenly my account has been banned. Finally the sense of annoyance and confusion we feel. We will ask why I could get banned when I’m not cheating. In fact, the account could be banned because of suspected cheating.

How to Deal with a Mobile Legends Account Got Banned

Usually, accounts can get banned because the user is in violation. Many players who commit this violation by using the cheat application. Of course this can be detrimental to many parties including other players who really want to play pure. Let’s check the reason our account was banned.

Mobile Legends does not tolerate any form of cheating. If already banned, no need to worry because there are still ways to return our account. No need to panic, usually Moonton as the developer will give a warning if we are proven to have committed illegal actions.

Account Breach Get Banned

There are various types of violations committed by players. From mild to severe depending on the level of error affects the status of the account. If fraud is found, Moonton will enforce account termination within a few hours, days, months until permanently deactivating the account. If it is permanent it is impossible to hope to play with the same account.

The types of fraud that can be detected are hack maps, using scripts, hacked diamonds, or using a third application to add character abilities. So you should avoid these methods. Very troublesome, even though we’ve been desperately getting lots of items in the account but the end must be banned.

Returning a Banned Account

How to restore a Mobile Legends account got banned is not too difficult. Although there are many ways you can do it, this time we will discuss two easy ways to reopen an account. This method is not to teach players who are really cheaters. Once again violations in the form of fraud are not justified.

– Use ML Script to open a Banned Account

the first step with the help of the ML script is by downloading the AutoLog_System.unity3D script. Save the downloaded results in RAR format. Extract files while the smartphone is offline. Move the extract results to a script folder located in ML data. Turn on online mode, the account can be used again.

– Smartphone settings after being banned

The second method is an alternative if the first method fails. Simply put, make arrangements or settings on a smartphone. First open Settings, Other Settings, select Application Processor, go to Mobile Legends, open Storage and Delete Data. Then switch to Google Play Service, and delete all data. Reopen the account.

– Contact Moonton Customer Sevice

If you want it easier, you can use a way to request a banned account from SC Moonton. The steps, tap the CS icon on the Home button at the end of the ML Game Online application. Explain to CS the reasons and why the account is banned. Be honest about whether the account being played is cheating.

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We can also send an email to the ML by writing the subject “Please Unband My Account”. Fill out the form by attaching the ID, Server, and Problem. If we are proven to use cheat write the problem into the Problem column. Also include reasons that make us not repeat it again. Finally, upload a screenshot of the banned account.

All forms of cheating are not justified. Much better we play honestly. If it turns out that we ourselves are cheating, it is very bad to ask for an unbanned account. Banned is a fair way so we can play more sportsmanship and create healthier competition. If you want to win Mobile Legends, many ways can be done without having to be a cheat.

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