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Mobile Legends Rankings and their Order Levels


Mobile Legends Rankings and their Order Levels

Game Online

Oskydancergames – Being a MOBA game that is gaining popularity, Mobile Legends turns out to have rank levels. The rank order can help the player know where he is at. Reaching the top level does help us get many benefits. One of them can help get items for later exchanged with various prizes. In a match we will definitely be met with the players out there with various levels. The fierce game will make our game more colorful when we can play one round with other players who have reached rank below or above us.

Competition will get tougher when the enemies we face both have equal ranks. Every 90 days the rank order will resert so that each player has the chance to raise the level starting from the beginning of the season. Rank ranks were not first introduced by Mobile Legends. The following is the order of rank levels from low to high.

Mobile Legends Rankings and their Order Levels

– Rank Warrior – Rank Elite

Playing Game Online for the first time has the opportunity to get a Warrior rank. If you want to level up you must have 5 heroes. As long as we are still in the basic rank, we still have to go up in Warrior III to I. If you lose, the number of stars will not decrease, and get 1 Fragment Skin Premium, 100 tickets and, 1000 points. After all challenges are solved, we will be taken to the Elite rank with three levels. To be able to rise to the next rank, you must collect at least four stars. If during the match we lose the stars will automatically decrease. At the end of each session, we are entitled to 3 times the Fragment Skin Premium, 200 tickets and 2000 points.

Mobile Legends Rankings

– Master Rank – Grandmaster Rank

We are still free to fight while in the Rank Warrior or Elite with a balanced opponent. But in the Rank Master we will not find a boot. We will meet with players of various skills. Collect all four levels and complete the mission to get exclusive skins, 300 tickets and 4000 points. Entering the Grandmaster round, the nuances of the game are increasingly fierce. We will no longer find players that can be said to be just trials. Almost all players we will meet have exclusive abilities and skills. There are five Grandmaster levels, and collect five stars. Exclusive Skin Prizes, 600 tickets and 7000 points.

– Epic Rank – Legend Rank

Want to try out more competition, try ranking Epic Mobile Legends. Before starting the match we must enter the draft pick. Player will play with four heroes. If we want to do another match we will not meet the same hero. Collect five levels and get Exclusive Skins, 1000 tickets and 12,000 points. Whereas in the Legend rank we will meet with professional players. To be able to complete all levels in this rank, we must pass five levels. Collect five stars so you can top up to the next rank. Completing all rank levels, we deserve to get exclusive Skin prizes, 5,000 tickets and 20,000 points.

Rankings and their Order Levels

– Rank Mythic – Glorious Mythic

Just one step more we can enter the last round of each season. Before the season ends, all players can finish the game up to Mythic rank. We have to complete five Mythic rank levels in order to get Exclusive Skins, Mythic Expression stickers (Sticker), 20,000 points, and 1,500 free tickets.

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All the ranks we got, it’s time to get the Mythic Glorius Rank. If we get to this last rank we will get more points. In the rank of Glorius Mythic, almost all of our enemies are elite players. So be prepared as hard as you can to defeat them. Of the eight Rank increases, all of them have attractive prizes. From premium skin prizes to exclusive skins. In addition we can collect all points and tickets if you have completed all rank levels. Most importantly, if you want to master all ranks in Mobile Legends, make sure we have prepared the best heroes.

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