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The presence of Crash Bandicoot Mobile on Play Store


The presence of Crash Bandicoot Mobile on Play Store

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Oskydancergames – Crash Bandicoot mobile game has been released for smartphone devices, who knows since when exactly this game made by Activision is officially present on Android and iOS. It is said that the game with iconic characters that can only be appreciated in some countries, including Malaysia.

Not yet known exactly when the Android version of Crash Bandicoot is present in Southeast Asia, especially in Indonesia. But many allegations are not released Crash Bandicoot game globally because the game is still in beta testing, or pre-launch phase.

The presence of Crash Bandicoot Mobile on Play Store

The return of the Playstation character has actually spread some time ago after a Twitter user named JumpButton spread it. In upload, jump provides information about the Crash Bandicoot Game Online which will later appear on the Android and iOS mobile platforms developed by King. King himself is the developer of the Activision game known as the creator of the game Candy Crush Saga.

Crash Bandicoot mobile game appears to the public with ads on Facebook, however, the ad has been removed, but JumpButton and other social media users managed to get the ad by screenshots and then distributed on Twitter.

Meanwhile, the Kotaku Australia page also did a search on the App Store test site successfully screenshots and immediately took a description of the game description in the App Store of the company that tested it.

From the description found, the mobile version of Crash Bandicoot will carry the same type of platform on the console, PlayStation 4. In this version Crash Bandicoot mobile tries to bring a new type, offering endless runner gameplay such as Subway Surfers and Temple Runner.

In this game players will be invited to walk automatically. Meanwhile to jump, and the movement of the swivel attack and move up and down can be done by simply sliding a finger. Players will also face a number of twists which are a challenge for players.

The presence of Crash Bandicoot Mobile on Play Store

then in the depiction later the players will be able to build and develop their own headquarters. Not only that, players can also unlock buildings and can dispose of the armory

No one knows for sure when this mobile version of the game will be officially released. But from watching fever games, this time on Google Play Store there are many similar games with Crash Bandicoot characters as the main characters. However, most of these games are developed by studios that don’t have flying hours yet.

It is unclear what the purpose of Activision is to choose endless runner gameplay for the Crash Bandicoot game. However, due to the presence of the successful Call of Duty game on mobile devices, Activision is more confident working on the mobile gaming market.

Crash Bandicoot was published in 1996. Since the beginning of the slide, Crash Bandicoot has intensified the game industry by offering an interesting adventure. the work of the game Andy Gavin and developer Jason Rubin Naughty Dog was originally released exclusively for PlayStation. Before finally coming in various other platforms.

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The presence of Crash Bandicoot Mobile on Play Store

Unfortunately, Naughty Dog has handled the first four Crash Bandicoot franchises. The Crash Team Racing (CTR) series, published in September 1999, became the last series to be handled by Naughty Dog.

Had a license in this game moved to several developers. After Naughty Dog decided to end the collaboration with Sony and Universal, in 2003, the license from the owner of Vivendi Universal games was switched. Until 2008, Activision bought a Crash Bandicoot license and survives to this day.

Are you quite enthusiastic about the presence of Crash Bandicoot mobile on Android and iOS? we hope that its presence in Indonesia! Do not hesitate to give an impression in the comments column. For those of you who don’t want to miss the latest news and updates on games, anime and other exports, keep following the fever games.

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